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Product Features
  • Specificity: Specially designed for PS5 ULTRA HD Console. Allows you to store your PS5 UHD System in its upright vertical position, not suitable for PS5 Digital Edition.
  • Heat Dissipation Function: It also keeps your console cool and calm, disperse heat from console, improve the operational life span.
  • Space Saving: Vertical stand design allows your PS5 UHD (Original) to stand vertically to save room space instead of laying horizontal and taking up more space on your TV stand or entertainment cabinet closet.
  • Quality Design: Made of ABS material to protect the environment. PS5 UHD stand is built to last and is one of the top PlayStation 5 UHD accessories on the market.
  • Securely and Safely: The rubber stabilizers and anti-slide footpads will make sure that your PlayStation 5 UHD Console stays in a stable vertical position securely and safely.

Vertical Stand Mount Dock Holder Base For Sony PlayStation5 PS5 ULTRA HD Console

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